Welcome to our Match Three game demo!

Match Three is an accessible, fast-paced, puzzle game. Players swipe and swap tiles about until three or more of them match - and savvy gamers can setup high-scoring combos too. You’ve probably come across similar games such as Bejewelled and Candy Crush Saga.

Match Three works on all major handheld and desktop devices in the browser - no installs required. It was built on top of the Phaser game engine to ensure reliability and performance, and that means if you opt in to a source code access license, it’ll be easy to update. We hope Match Three comfortably meets your high standard.

Interested? If you need this game, or something custom, let’s talk.


  1. Performant and responsive on major handheld and desktop devices.
  2. No installs required for player, and you can quickly push out content updates.
  3. Easily customisable by swapping out images, or updating the game settings file.
  4. Add target scores, time limits, and restrict the number of moves the player has available to change game difficulty.
  5. Change grid size and add empty tiles to create unique looking game boards.
  6. Create a custom game interface using your own HTML and CSS. Easily update it by hooking into exposed game methods.


As standard, we can deliver the Match Three game to you already customised and branded, and can help embed it into your existing website.

A variety of licenses are available, so you can select the best one for your budget and needs:

  1. Basic

    You receive the customisable game in a ready-to-go (obfuscated) package, that can be embedded in any website that doesn’t ask for or require payments to access.

  2. Source

    Game can be embedded in any website (that doesn’t ask for or require payments to access). Grants you source code access to customise the game even further, so your brand looks perfect. We'll let you know when updates are ready.

  3. Source+

    Also grants you one user on a private GitHub repo for 6 months, so you get updates as soon as they become available, plus priority bug fix communication.

  4. Full

    Game source code can be updated however you like, and embedded wherever you like. Includes all of the additional features from Source and Source+.